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To celebrate Fathers Day, SPITHOUSE & HEAT BEADS® put together a prize pack for the best story about Dad and his BBQ.

The lucky winner was Leon K of Surrey Hills in Victoria. Here is Leon pictured with Terry from Spithouse.
(Leon is the one with hair)...

Below is Leon’s story about his Dad, a dodgy spit and nosey neighbours;


I would like to share a funny story about my dad and his Heatbeads® /BBQ adventure. Dad called Australia home in 1956 after emigrating from Greece. Being of Greek background lamb/goat and the outdoor BBQ/spit are very much part of the culture and lifestyle over there.
Well after a few years of being here my dad and some other new arrivals to Australia  very much missed the lamb on a spit tradition during Easter.
 At that time spits were not very common at all - so using some "ingenuity" they made a spit out of an old washing machine motor and some metal barrels cut in half.
Dad's neighbours at that time in Hawthorn (Melbourne) were quite perplexed at the contraption they were making! (his neighbours were 3rd generation Australians.) They found the contraption a bit odd - but to their horror when Easter time came around and dad and relatives decided to  cook a lamb on the spit - the neighbours were convinced that they were grilling a greyhound and called the police!

Dad recalls the police arriving and much to my Dad's amusement being lectured that "you can't do that in Australia!" - Dad finally convinced them it was a lamb and is an Easter tradition. He offered them some of the lovely succulent meat and they even stayed for a few beers!

Hope you enjoyed this. We still laugh about it each Easter.


A Spithouse yarn no doubt.

I must admit, I have thought of grilling some of the mongrels I’ve backed over the years!!

Congratulations Leon from Heat Beads® and Spithouse.

Leon received the full Spithouse kit and a heap of Heat Beads® products with a value of over 600 buck’s!!! That would make him “Lucky Leon!!!”

Keep spittin’


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